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A semi-tumescent towel

Kapital, the Japanese brand so frequently lauded on these pages, has landed in Peckham. Alpha Shadows has received a huge drop; a no-filler assembly of coats that defy coat hangers, and tops thrashed into revealing their beauty through relentless and arcane washing techniques. There are… Read More

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Comfortable in my ignorance

Fed up with wearing your eco-credentials on your sleeve? Try your neck. Little says recycled porridge and a biodegradable personality more than these Kapital neckpieces. As though hewn from the very notion of giving a shit, with a handful of Al Gore’s whiskers woven in… Read More

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Stimulating scarfcraft

Usually bros keep their winter coat game locked in a penitentiary of navy and black. I get that. A coat’s large bucks. Broheim can’t be tossing mad-stacks on a fucking tapestry. What happens if you tire of the patterning? Or worse, you start hearing, “Yo,… Read More

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Space God reminded me I’m just a bellpiece with an overpriced patchwork cardigan

This week I’ve uncooled myself a number of times. I ordered a cocktail in a scenester bar, bent down to pick up my bag and forcefully struck my forehead on the bar. Customers and bar staff looked at me. I picked up my cocktail and… Read More