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An orgy of fabric

This pattern looks like the curtains in a 70’s suburban key party. What acts did it’s forebearers witness? A pair of middle-aged moustaches frotting a fatigued librarian? A couple of mums coerced into toying? An Alabama Hot Pocket? Of course there’s nothing literally retro about… Read More

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See-sawing confidence

Here’s a knitted, hoody, sweatshirt type thing. I don’t want to go down the whole Paddington Bear route, but, you know… those of a certain age will be thinking it. It’s by Engineered Garments, it’s chunky, bold and vaguely childlike. Whether a fully-grown man should… Read More

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A twisted, sustained, groaning

Autumnal kit is surging into the indies right now. It’s that time of year when a morning glance at your preferred retailers can swiftly provoke imperfect thoughts of credit cards and overdraft extensions. With such an influx of desirables, it’s easy to overlook the odd… Read More