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Not ready for these levels

Here’s one for the heads. Silently and with zero fanfare a new brand has appeared under the Nepenthes umbrella. Called AiE, these are the first product shots. Hardly a full range at this point; we can see some colour clash shirting and some tartan tunics.… Read More

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The lingerie of a man

So this is interesting. Burly outdoorsman brand South2 West8 have knocked out something which wouldn’t look out of place in Janis Joplin’s laundry basket. Positively inebriated by colour, this “bush shirt” represents a truly alarming collision between mesh fabric and illegal hallucinogens. This is some… Read More

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For the galactic athlete

Fashion is about just the right amount of different. Avoid looking like a clown, stand apart from the generic; that’s basically it. So there’s this top that does just that. Regulation Breton-style stripes may be fairly humdrum, but this Bru Na Boinne version warps the… Read More