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Convenience party food

Ochre is a constant in the workwear palette. It’s a natural clay pigment. When people describe ochre, you often hear stuff like, “burnt orange”, or “yellowy orange”, or “browny, yellowy, orangey.” All of which take longer to say than ochre, which on close examination is… Read More

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Awkward tow-path encounters

Fleeces are tedious family trips to see a Neolithic henge monument. Fleeces are flasks of soup, inadequate mobile phone coverage and feigning interest as the lock keeper oh… so… slowly… opens his water door. Fleeces are storm-proof pouches containing an emergency whistle endorsed by Bear… Read More

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Such men as these

Google the brand Sage Dé Cret and you’ll be presented with the following: “It has their own style, to wear in your own style. I will support the wardrobe of such men.” Mutilated Japanese translation, yep.  Fundamentally meaningless, yep. And yet, from this moment forth,… Read More