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Scone thieves

Dadcore is over. Long live Grancore. At least according to the latest Sanca drops over at Alpha Shadows. My grandmother used to wear a poncho not a million miles away from this. I think it was Aquascutum, or Burberry. The ideal accompaniment to a neatly… Read More

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Freaky mammalian mosh-pit

AiE, Nepenthes most recent imprint, is still chugging along with no UK, or to my knowledge western stockists. Looking at this I’m not entirely surprised. It’s enough to make even the most effete Soho fash-hag totter away in terror. Charged with the kind of feral… Read More

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Only the Japanese?

Cloth based metaphors for being just a lovely cuddly chap rarely come more profound than this. Taking the robustly masculine outdoorsman fleece and splatting it with dancing butterflies and beaming flowers makes for quite a statement. Even the most misanthropic sneerer would crack a smile… Read More