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It was never really there

The last time British tweeds looked so absurdly on-point it was the mid-80s. Christopher Nemeth and his House of Beauty and Culture collective were chopping remnants into remarkable bomber jacket/cloak hybrids; with all the spectacle and impractically that this suggests. What we’re looking at is from… Read More

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Arcane hocus pocus

Without wishing to fuel the lunatic enthusiasms of any passing Brexiteers, I will say we do occasionally make some interesting stuff in this country. While the attention of this site is frequently focused on the output of Japan, South Korea and the US, now and… Read More

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A tangerine fever dream

The most conspicuous birdwatching jacket ever? Or some bedevilled copulation between a fireman and Crocodile Dundee? Either way, this weapon from Japanese brand Digawel is noticeable for all the right reasons. Just look at the contrast between the satsuma body and those, rich brown pockets.… Read More

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See-sawing confidence

Here’s a knitted, hoody, sweatshirt type thing. I don’t want to go down the whole Paddington Bear route, but, you know… those of a certain age will be thinking it. It’s by Engineered Garments, it’s chunky, bold and vaguely childlike. Whether a fully-grown man should… Read More