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A woollen reminiscence

This is what Comme des Garçons used to be about. Before Dover Street Market welcomed the hypebeasts and people who only buy the wallets. Before decades of questionable collaborations, countless fragrances and the ubiquity of PLAY Converse, this jacket is what Comme des Garçons was… Read More

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An alarming miscellany

Check out the loon bags on this brotherman. Those are some enthusiastically cropped trousers right there. And look at the hems. You could lose a baby in that floating wilderness of fabric. You’ve got to admire it. The guy is simultaneously inside and outside his… Read More

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Textbook zero hours garms

Jam creams and Strawberry Cheesecake Häagen-Dazs. Exactly the kind of things that were rationed when I was a kid, but now I’m an adult, I can eat every day if I so choose. It’s a fact that explains why I’m currently facing nine grand’s worth… Read More

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I think I read somewhere…

The line between dopeness and looking like a perfect cock is fine indeed. Take this overshirt. It’s by Japanese brand Undercover – a label that suggests membership to the deepest recesses of conspiratorial cool. Can’t afford it? Hard cheese. Don’t understand it? Go back to… Read More