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Riven with challenges

Jackets that don’t do up. A fundamental flaw, or an appropriate nod to traditional Japanese garmentry? My inner aesthete demands the latter. The left-side of my brain wonders what would happen when the wind blows? Irrespective of such burdens of logic, Kaptial have gone ahead… Read More

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Does the back ruin things?

This is fully a thing. Interesting no? That said, it’s only available in small right now. It’s part of a recent, pretty comprehensive NOMA T.D drop over at Goodhood, but I notice quite a few of the pieces are only available in specific sizes. So… Read More

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Fewer aristocratic yaks

Let’s say Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn’t occur in a galaxy far, far away, but in Dalston Junction. Under such circumstances it would be reasonable to expect some stylistic differences. There’d probably be fewer fish-faced nuns. Fewer aristocratic yaks with gambling habits. And the… Read More