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A really long vacation

There’s something of the 70s upholstery about this shirt. The print would make a nice set of curtains. It’d set off of the B&O Beocenter, the bubbling fondue and the awkward exchange of wives perfectly. But here it is as a shirt from Japanese reformists… Read More

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Only you can say

The pursuit of difference can lead the sartorial traveller through rough terrain, missteps and frequently to cul-de-sacs. Made of shirts. With kilts on them. On such occasions, is it down to the individual explorer as to whether they can condone such a skirt-shirt. They must… Read More

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Man’s highest calling

Check this new Eastlogue popover shirt. You’re probably thinking, ‘orange?’ But if, after a second’s consideration, you think ‘maybe?’, then you are almost certainly a gentleman of rare wisdom. Typically many of us gravitate to pieces like this in navy. Navy goes with everything. In… Read More