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Closer to a religious denomination

How I managed to dodge this astonishing coat throughout the entire AW17 season is a matter deserving both shame and self-flagellation. Water repellent, padded with poly/cotton, cut like a robe, with an oversized hood and featuring both snap button closure and a thick, built-in, tie-belt…… Read More

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Beige me up

The chicanery at the core of fashion, that it perpetuates notions of individualism and ideas, all the while producing myriad versions of the same thing, is fascinating. That the Normcore trend has been widely derided as everything from a satirical construct to non-existent, isn’t stopping… Read More

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VISAs remain trousered

Our yearly menswear soundtrack is reaching its middle eight. A period of respite, an interruption in the repeated pressing of the ‘add to bag’ button. Sale time is imminent. Frankly, Christmas can do one; no serious menswearman wants to pay last season’s prices for last… Read More