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Low-key braggadocio

Dunno about you, but I think ‘Texas’ and I think cowboy hats, cowboy boots, lipsticked ladies with giant 80s perms and a casual indifference to loaded firearms. I don’t think interesting global menswear. I don’t think Document, Eastlogue, and ts(s). I don’t think the entire… Read More

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Wrinkled noses and dismissive smiles

Clothing (or ‘fashion’ if you must) stands apart from other routine middle-class interests. Seemingly it’s culturally acceptable to bore others with your new found chooseatarian lifestyle, your recent visit to the Karni Mata Temple in India, or your devotion to some bullshit fusion of yoga… Read More

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An extra in your own life

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to standing out. Too gaudy? You’re self-aware, everyone’s checking you out, you feel like a dick. But too subtle (and regular readers will surely get this) you’re an extra in your own life; you’re background noise;… Read More