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Too much of a good thing?

Entry-level pieces present a conundrum for the menswear compulsive. On the one hand they’re an affordable way of adding some freshness to your rotation. On the other, you risk bumping into someone else wearing the same thing, which as we know is medically proven to… Read More

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Mostly films, also shoes

Here’s another dispatch from the frontline of joblessness for you — you never know, it might be useful one day. Principally I’ve discovered that when you haven’t got a job, there are quite a few things you can do to fill the time. You can… Read More

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Kolor: the perfect statement shoe

Good statement shoes are rare. Other garments can be layered, hidden, or otherwise de-powered within an outfit, but shoes, they’re totally out there. The commitment is all too real. Many, many years ago I bought a pair of Junior Gaultier desert boots. They were brown… Read More