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Squinting at the sea like it’s speaking to you

Don’t let that yawping, head-swallowing neckline put you off. We’re in smock territory here; loose, practical and designed to be pulled over whatever you’re already wearing. Course, you don’t have to actually call it a smock. No one says they’ve got to nip back to the flat to grab their smock. It’s a jacket, or a coat. Even though it’s definitely a smock.

It’s a difficult piece. But that fantastic pleating detail at the front sells it to me as the kind of thing you could team with straight-cut, rolled up jeans and a wide brimmed hat, as you stand on a pier, chewing a cold frankfurter, squinting at the sea like it’s speaking to you.

Called the ‘Navy Vancloth Invert Pullover’, it’s the creation of the entirely un-Italian Monitaly (the designer is Japanese and products are made in the US). Onboard, there’s plenty for detail heads to enjoy, including exclusive water repellant fabric from Vancloth & Sons, that yawning collar with a button and loop fastening, button cuffs and a dropped hem at the rear.

It’s a significant look. Go down this road and no one will mistake you for a nine to fiver. You’re a man who makes a living with his thoughts. Your imagination is your resume. You just need to find the right investor for that sitcom about centaurs you’ve been mulling over.

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