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Shaolin styling on a post-apocalyptic tip

So, in one corner there’s a man with a sow’s face, who ironically can’t stop telling porkies, and in the other there’s a 14 year old man, who’s actually 33, with face straight out of Minecraft. It’s all going nuclear. For those of you oblivious to global affairs, Trump and Jong-Un are getting proper pissy. Rounding up their death sticks and nudging them nearer to each other’s front lawns. Most inconvenient. It’s almost enough to distract a man from thinking about progressive casual wear. If only North Korea could be a bit more like South Korea. Their most noteworthy launch is this collection from IISE.

I’ve selected this jacket , as being particularly interesting, but check the full range too. IISE draw from the tradition of Hanbok (literally “Korean clothing”) which frequently refers to simple, pocketless, vibrantly coloured semi-formal or formal wear. And while this garment is subdued in colour and offers a pair of pockets, the influence of traditional local costume is clear.

The bio-washed nylon keeps things future; while the collar, the 3/4 length sleeves and the tie fastening keep things authentic. Make no mistake, this is Shaolin styling on a post-apocalyptic tip. Ideal for looking fly as the fallout starts to cover your ankles.

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