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It was never really there

The last time British tweeds looked so absurdly on-point it was the mid-80s. Christopher Nemeth and his House of Beauty and Culture collective were chopping remnants into remarkable bomber jacket/cloak hybrids; with all the spectacle and impractically that this suggests. What we’re looking at is from Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa and is more restrained in cut. Yet it confidently mashes numerous tweeds and corduroys in a manner that would surely have met with the late Nemeth’s approval.

Like a royal shooting party reimagined by David Cronenberg, this Hybrid Fielders Jacket morphs traditional fabrics into something a little weird, a little glam, but resolutely of the street. Basically it’s the jacket Hagrid would wear for his Bumble pics.

The jacket benefits from some seriously thoughtful construction. At its core is a custom-made three-layer wool tweed/thermoplastic polyurethane/polyester fabric, which while difficult to understand, certainly sounds impressive. On a practical level it means the piece is waterproof and windproof. So it’d mark you out as some kind of astonishing dandy whether outside the chippy down the precinct, or murdering birds for giggles on a Balmoral moor.

The seams are taped, the tweeds are from Abraham Moon & Sons Mill, the hand pockets feature drainage holes, there’s a throat tab, elbow patches, snap button closures all over, a fleece lining… so many details. You’d best head over to Alpha Shadows for the full menu. All this comes at a cost of course. Made in Japan doesn’t come cheap. But this is a thing of beauty. One of those pieces that can’t out of fashion, because it was never really there in the first place. For those seeking to define their individual and personal sense of style however, it’s a significant step in the right direction.

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