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Just being kind

I woke this morning with the full intention of tubing it to Shoreditch High Street, marching to Goodhood, trying these trousers on, convincing myself I could get away with a large (in the absence of an extra large) and buying them. That I didn’t is more due to the angry weather than any eleventh hour injection of good sense on my part.

They’re Our Legacy and, as is clear, nylon. They’re a track pant, or sporting trouser of some kind; shinyish, crinklyish and lightweight. I have it in my head that these trousers, teamed with something more formal, a boxy blazer and shoes say, would result in a devastating fit. I also have it in my head that the shininess might look a bit like leather from a distance. So there’s a risk of looking a bit Suzi Quatro.

I don’t really know what “premium lightweight tech fabric” is, but that’s how they’re described over at Goodhood. The retailer also points out that they’re made of 100% nylon, which in fairness, doesn’t sound quite so impressive. Particularly at £230 a pair. But it’s about the look. And for my wardrobe, these trousers would usher in an entirely different regime of limb coverage. Jeans for casual, cotton trousers for smart(er) and these for…? Some kind of as yet unexplored hinterland. Somewhere between a professional athlete and an ageing member of The Rocksteady Crew.

[UPDATE] I took a 24 hour break from writing this post, I ended up going to Goodhood and buying them. I can now report first hand, that they’re extremely lightweight, feel a bit chilly in a breeze, yet boil your legs after mild exertion. I have tried them with a blazer, as I intended, and I feel a bit Right Said Fred. My girl tells me that they look a little snug around the groin and she can occasionally make out a bulb of penis. Overall though, she says she likes them. A couple of good friends also tell me they look good. I can’t figure out if they’re all just being kind.

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