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Getting angry over generic baby pictures

My relationship with Facebook has evolved from casual distain to abject masochism. Perhaps your feeds are vibrant, informative and thrilling. Mine is full of people expressing apparent shock and indignation that Tesco are already selling Easter eggs. “WTF!” they breathlessly exclaim. As though the basic principles of capitalism have come as a surprise. Same thing happens at Christmas; “OMG crackers in ASDA in October!” And again if they have a glass of wine on a Tuesday; “Look at me! On a school night as well!” Indeed, you are a counter-cultural renegade. Don’t people get board of pointing at themselves in the same way day after month after year?

The worst is Brexit. I read the other day that an acquaintance of mine had “finally had enough”. Before offering their solution to the governmental impasse as a pedestrian checklist. What I particularly like/hate about this last example, is the complete lack of self-awareness exhibited. As though now this individual had “had enough”, it was time to stop messing about and sort it out. I briefly tried to strangle myself, but just carried on scrolling.

Anyway, here’s a shirt.

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