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Everyone and their mum

You’ll be familiar with Novesta sneakers. You’ll have seen the canvas high and low tops – clean, distinctive rubber sole, made in Slovakia. Indie store MKI Miyuki-Zoku in Leeds deserve credit for first bringing these cheap and resilient kicks to the UK. Although now they’re… Read More

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It’s basically Rounders

Whether you call them plimsoles, or retro sneakers, or whatever, the Converse-a-like basic canvas footwear market is rammed. However, as a reader of this site, I’m gonna assume a certain level of personal exactitude when it comes to such matters. I’m gonna assume you’re a… Read More

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Lonely and forgotten

Nope, they’re not Vans. Although these kicks do resemble a few of the Californian skate brand’s more recent embroidered drops. They’re actually by AMB, a brand that I believe are run out of Japan, with construction in Portugal. Without wanting to sound like a ‘how… Read More