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Nigel Cabourn × Maison Mihara Yasuhiro: The warped antithesis to conveyor belt sneakers

I’m surprised that Studio Nicholson’s purple over-dyed Moonstars haven’t flown out. Released a few weeks back, I was convinced their rich Ribena-ery hues would prove a winner. Seems not. All sizes are still available; while, predictably perhaps, the plain black has sold out.

I wonder if the same fate awaits these nuclear Tango numbers from Nigel Cabourn × Maison Mihara Yasuhiro?  Could it be bros don’t want shoes the colour of convenience beverages?

If you’re in the dark about Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, a quick trip to the brand site will bring you up to speed. If it’s possible to make extremely Japanese clothes, I’d say Yasuhiro has cracked it.

Insane levels of deconstruction result in pieces that look like they’ve been riddled with shrapnel. While others appear to have been Frankensteined together with little respect for the average number of human arms. The jeans with an extra half a waist bolted on and just left hanging are my favourite — they’ve no place in my wardrobe, but it’s pleasingly amusing they exist.

Seems like an odd fit Nigel Cabourn and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro. One, a documentarian of utilitarian menswear history, the other an avant-garde streetwear designer. Still, these shoes are pretty strong. Dazzling in colour, with a peculiarly wonky melted sole. It’s also nice to see some Jam Master Jay style jumbo laces back in the game.

Yasuhiro knocks these oddly contorted sneakers out on the reg. You can see the full range on the brand site and you’ll probably spot a yellow pair that looks rather similar to this collaborative pair. To the undereducated eye it appears Cabourn has added a heel tab and the aforementioned on-tone chunky laces.

As you can see, they’re offered in white too, if the orange doesn’t do it for you. Personally I like their twisted beauty. Crude and unusual, the warped antithesis to conveyor belt sneakers.

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