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Kapital: Look at a watch and see a Betamax

As an object that does just one thing, you’ve got to wonder how long watches will be around. With access to smart phones, laptops, tablets and talking speakers, why does anyone need to wear a lump on their wrist that only tells the time? Born with an iPhone 12 in their hand, the children of Millennials (Gen Alpha) will look at a watch and see a Betamax.

Still, much like vinyl, printed magazines and objective fact, watches are hanging in there. From the ironic Timex (from Elizabeth Duke because, you know…) to Audemars Piguet (the brand horologists worship, but only rappers can afford) wearable timepieces remain a thing. Just.

So where does that leave a modestly priced watch with a smiley face on it from a hip Japanese clothing brand?

This Kapital watch is pretty much the definition of ‘non-essential’. I would say its only purpose is so that a certain type of person can (cough) clock you’re into Kapital.

The brand is offering two models, one called the Smile Watch and this one, the Rain Smile Divers Watch. This is the chunkier, more robust looking version and crucially (unlike the regular Smile Watch) features two sets of eyes. I’m no timepiece-botherer, so I won’t (and can’t) go into any technical specifics  — besides I can’t find any online. All you need to know is that you’ve got your rotating bezel, it’s water resistant and there’s a black nato strap. I will also say (stretching my horological knowledge to breaking point) that it tells the time with hands not numbers.

If you’ve got a social circle made up of Kapital fans this might be worth a punt. After all everyone’s seen (or owns) the jackets, the bucket hats, maybe even the mad trousers, but a watch… now that’s a rarity. It’s your call whether £250 is a reasonable price to see the look of envy on your friend’s faces. If you’re interested you can grab one over at South Korean outpost Sculp Store. I’d move quick though, I don’t imagine they’ll hang around. Time waits for no man and all that.

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