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N. Hoolywood: A night out at Platinum Lace

What do you get if you cross a frat bro’s party shirt with an episode of Ross Kemp’s Extreme World? I dunno, but you’re looking at it. At first glance it’s terrifying. The sort of thing car dealers wear for a night out at Platinum Lace. But then you see those olive inserts, roughly chopped in, and it become apparent that actually the avant is firmly in the garde.

It may look kind of ugly, but it’s a good ugly. A credible ugly. The kind of ugly that costs £192, excluding postage and import duty.

Looks a bit like Sacai right. But it’s actually N. Hoolywood, Daisuke Obana’s revered Tokyo based imprint. Specifically, it’s from the N. Hoolywood Compile line, a smarter proposition focused around the idea of dressing up casual items and dressing down more formal pieces.

I get the thinking, but I still say it’s basically a trashy striped shirt, saved, indeed elevated by the inclusion of some plain olive slices. Those additions give it an expansive silhouette too  — if you’re looking to jump on the nouveau-90s fun-bus you could do a lot worse. After all, the 90s was big shirts. Big shirts in bad nightclubs. Seas of pimply white dudes, flailing about to Naughty by Nature, drowning in Fosters and their own giant shirts. It’s not a vibe I was considering re-visiting, but perhaps the relentless re-upping of 90s culture is finally getting to me. Perhaps Ace of Base are due a reappraisal?

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