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Taken to extremes

This is a bandana patchwork jacket from Japanese imprint Kapital. It’s available in six different colours: green, yellow, pink, navy, black and white. It’s cut in a traditional western style, short and boxy with a single breast pocket. It is, depending on your perspective, a… Read More

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I dunno, what do you think?

The Hawaiian shirt is a battleground between beauty and ugly where ugly always wins. In the UK, a sunny day brings out the ‘Hawaiian shirt ironists’. Frequently young and thin, they have short hair, moustaches, some kind of Japanese sandals or (ironic) Crocs and a… Read More

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A tangerine fever dream

The most conspicuous birdwatching jacket ever? Or some bedevilled copulation between a fireman and Crocodile Dundee? Either way, this weapon from Japanese brand Digawel is noticeable for all the right reasons. Just look at the contrast between the satsuma body and those, rich brown pockets.… Read More