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Cost Per Kilo: a lot of similarly ‘unique’ visions

A bit of this, a bit of that, stitch it all together and wallop. Streetwear’s addiction to generating new garments from bits of old garments remains at full strength. Countless brands are at it: compounding clobber from the mismatched, the misshapen and the misunderstood. For a business that thrives off unique creative visions, there are a lot of similarly ‘unique’ visions.

The results of all this nuclear cut-and-sew swerve from the intelligent to the downright fugly. I’ve seen some expensive, high-end attempts that should come with free travel sickness pills. God knows what butchery awaits the patrons of places like ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

The wearable collage is certainly difficult to get right. But with a little restraint and acknowledgement that not everyone wants to look like a broken gif, garments like this one from Korean imprint Cost Per Kilo emerge. 

Personally, I have zero interest aligning myself with any aspect of the American education system. Virginia College? What do I care? I never went there. I don’t want to go there. Besides, they’ve got a rubbish website. Hang on that’s in Ireland? I can’t even find a Virginia College in the US. Is it just made up?

Scholastic lineage aside, this cardigan has won me over and it’s all down to the artfulness. There’s something in the balance, the decision-making around where to apply pattern and (crucially) where to leave it out. Sure the cut-and-paste approach has been rinsed, and the (supposed) glamour of US schooling is lost on me, but as a piece of design I think it’s superb. The equilibrium between weird and wearable is bang on  — I’d bust this out for an evening on the pops, or (in line with the current limitations) wear it for a spin around the park, vainly hoping to catch the eye of anyone with an interest in obscure Korean streetwear.

A couple of pockets, some interesting seam detail down the front and some subtle Cost Per Kilo branding — what’s not to like for $227? Grab it over at Sculp Store now.  


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