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If The Thing was a bomber jacket and Bennings was a shirt

So, if the lead in Cronenberg’s The Fly had been a plaid shirt and an MA-1 olive bomber had snuck into the other pod… Or if The Thing was a bomber jacket and Bennings was the shirt… Yeah, sci-fi heads, you with me? This metamorpha-coat is an un-godly, mutant jacketshirt. It’s like a fucking Centaur brah, only the man is a military style flight jacket and the horse is made of yellow cotton.

Stats wise, this abnormality breaks down like this: It’s by Japanese brand Digawel. It’s got a 100% nylon front and 100% plaid cotton back. It’s rocking a utility pocket on the sleeve, ribbed collar, cuffs and hem and snap pockets on the front. But functionality aside, it’s like a brilliant dog’s breakfast of a thing. From the back you’re chopping logs, from the front, you’re a homoerotic Top Gunner. What’s not to like.


It’s a bit like Prometheus, and no, not the Ridley Scott one. I’m thinking a specific episode of The Incredible Hulk, where Banner gets irradiated by a meteor and is stuck halfway between Hulk and Banner. It’s, kinda, a bit like that. Geeky enough for ya?

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