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You’re about to be out-knitweared

Thinking of dollaring-up for the Chamula cardie I was wittering about last week? Belay that order number one. A couple more pieces from the Mayan knitwear elders of Chamula, have surfaced over at Garbstore and they’re proper fire. They hose last week’s suggestion. What, you’ve bought that already? Tough-wang brotherman, you’re about to be out-knitweared.


This looks virtually edible – an appetising knitted breakfast. Maybe, it’s even sexual. I’d go so far as to say, if I was forced at gunpoint to make love to a cardigan… Well, I could get pretty busy with that tassel right there. I mean, not with the dude in it. It’d have to be uninhabited. You know, recently pressed. Zipped-up. Mildly ashamed.

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It’s the kind of piece, you can just toss on with some raw denim and some Vibram soles and you’ll own the game. I guess people will assume it’s one of those mad-rare vintage pieces you were just lucky to swag.

The other model, is almost as strong…

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That’s some power-patchwork. You can grab both over at Garbstore now. I’d go for the first one. I’m a sucker for a big tassel.

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