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Low-impact body-popping

You might have missed these trousers. Trump’s trying to convince anyone that’ll listen the exact opposite of what everyone definitely knows. May’s autopiloting us through a wormhole into a universe made of human dung. The major parties have burst like a bag of Skittles, members… Read More

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Getting angry over generic baby pictures

My relationship with Facebook has evolved from casual distain to abject masochism. Perhaps your feeds are vibrant, informative and thrilling. Mine is full of people expressing apparent shock and indignation that Tesco are already selling Easter eggs. “WTF!” they breathlessly exclaim. As though the basic… Read More

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Layabouts and libertines

There was no fanfare when this Dr. Martens x Nanamica colab dropped a couple of days ago. Just the whisper of a page refresh and there they were, for sale over at Garbstore and End. Entirely at odds with the recent Nepenthes x DM drops,… Read More