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Conichiwa Bonjour: part Breakdance 2 ‘dance battle’ part Alison Moyet

I wonder why brands never get bored of making sweatshirts with the names of cities and universities on them? I understand the classical appeal of Ivy. I get Ametora. But in a post-Superdry world  — where every possible graphical permutation of sport, academia and metropolis has already been jacked, morphed and spewed into airless malls  — I would have thought the concept thoroughly exhausted.

New in at London’s Garbstore we find Conichiwa Bonjour. A brand that still seem to do a roaring trade in mutated Ivy staples. You can get a face-full of vibe over on the brand’s Korean site. It’s all sweats, tees, caps, hoodies and liners. Colourful. Unpretentious. It’s streetwear brah. Clothing designed around a glamorised ideal of what people do on streets. I expect skateboarding’s on the moodboard. A closing-time screaming match followed by sick and tears, probably not.

With the best will in the world, I’m not in the market for a ‘Brooclyn’ sweatshirt (even with the deliberate misspelling). But this ‘Express Fleece Jacket‘, something that’s part Breakdance 2 ‘dance battle’ and part Alison Moyet, well, now we’re onto something.

Look at that oversized fit and the weird paneling on the shoulders. This could barely be more 80s if if came with a free can of Top Deck. It’s 100% polyester too. Perhaps a homage to dismal schoolyard days where polyester gear would get you labeled a ‘gypo’? Or is polyester properly cool now? Either way, with it’s elasticated waist and cuffs, and exaggerated shoulders you’re going to look like an extra in Teen Wolf. Which is rarely, if ever, a bad thing. 

With a couple of pockets and a sticky-uppy collar it has its practical applications too. As someone who wears his Needles tracksuit tops to death, this feels like the next step. Keep the tracksuit top stylings, but add a pair of preposterous fleecy shoulders. At least no one would mistake it for Superdry. 

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