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Jeans with charisma

Recently we’ve watched track trousers having a menswear ‘moment’, we’ve seen the vertical sports stripe applied to more formal trousers, and now it’s the turn of jeans. Japanese denimists Bru Na Boinne are offering these, treated to heavy wash and ageing techniques all over, save for a strip running up the leg which remains in its untreated, raw state. They’re sporty, but jeans. Ideal for the dude who’s exercise regime consists of dashing down tube escalators and strenuous pub pool tournaments.


Dunno if sole UK Bru Na Boinne stockist Alpha Shadows is getting these in. In the meantime you can check ’em on Digital Mountain. I think they’re mad savage, a serious game changer. They’ve got sketchy looking dark blobs of what looks like dirt on the washed section, something I usually steer clear of. But that dark stripe is just so double-different you’ve got to overlook it.


They’re a smart shape too, a loose, straight cut with all important selvage detail for the purists. I’d expect traditionalists to turn their noses up at this frivolous distressing. Some will consider it a little outré and unnecessary. But seriously, how many by-numbers, straight cut, raw denims do you need? These are jeans with charisma. If you’re lucky some of it will rub off on you.

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