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I just want people to feel small, insignificant and worthless

For Engineered Garments heads the Bedford jacket is a classic. A smart reworking of what a modern blazer should be. For everyone else, it looks like a blazer. A bunch of (arguably) unnecessary stitching, nice fabric, but a blazer nonetheless. In whichever campsite you pitch, this is the EG Bedford in dungaree cloth. And my cursor is on the verge of tossing it into my basket right now. Basically, I don’t feel like a complete man unless I own it.


Often the engineeredness of EG is kind of subtle – tone on tone stitching, or hidden away as internal architecture. Here, it’s plain to see. And personally, I want it seen. The darker stitching is power-popping off that pale blue cotton.


Is it crass? Uncouth? Perhaps. I don’t care. I want people to fear my details. I just want people to eyeball the amount of thread used on my jacket and feel small, insignificant and worthless. Is that really so wrong?

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Removable buttons, peaked lapels, four patch pockets, you know the Bedford drill by now. Either way, as I’ve been typing, I took a break to cop this. It’s going to turbo-up my summer looks no end. Peckham’s rival steez-mongers will be running for the hills when they clock this madness. Or they’ll think it’s a bit too stitchy. Or they just won’t notice. One of the three.

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