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Frightened of its innate power

Remember when Sting rolled into town in Quadrophenia? No? Go and watch it, then come back…

See what I mean? There’s a wall of Mods in parkas and the ‘ace face’ standing lordlike in a silver suit. He’s a step above. And everyone knows it. The bros want to be him and the girls want to be inside him. See this white Arpenteur beach jacket? It’ll do the same for you.

No one wears white jackets. That’s why you should. I’m not talking about tossing it over a T-shirt with some beach shorts, you’ll really wanna play this one up. Take the humble wind-cheater (but white) and let those poppers frame a navy EG Bedford and a crisp band collar shirt. Beach jacket and blazer brothermen – I’m not sure it gets any more nouveau-Mod than that.


Thing is, I still don’t got a white jacket like this in my ‘drobe. See I’m preaching alright, just not practicing. I think, fundamentally, I’m frightened of its innate power. I just can’t be held responsible for the actions of ladies if I was to wear this in public. Unlike Sting, I’m considerate like that.

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