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Hand mirror in one hand, a power puff in the other

I went for a Comme des Garcons wee yesterday. I was in Dover Street Market and I did done a wee. As designer wees go, it was pretty on brand. Predominately minimal, with elements of asymmetry when I splashed the seat.

Anyway, exterior to the Comme des Garcons bog, I clocked this cardigan. It’s a bit ‘fashion’ for my usual stylings, but I think on a bro comfortable with his own peculiarities, it’d look all sorts of turbo.


Rendered in lightweight wool and cut in the traditional CDG cardie shape (if you’ve never owned one they fasten high, fit snug-ish and are an ideal throw-on for chilly evenings) it’s the ribbon detail that’s the stand-out. I mean, it’s called ribbon, it’s more like a shoe laces to my mind, but whatevs.

CDG_SHIRT_Laced_Knitted_Cardigan-5 CDG_SHIRT_Laced_Knitted_Cardigan-4

I like the idea of dressing this thing down with denim and T-shirting, so it’s like, the poshest piece in the mix. You’d have to act like you were almost unaware of the fiddly lace detail. Kind of a, “what this, yeah, I dunno, think it’s Comme or something…” attitude. Dress this thing up with smarts and you’d look like a preening delicacy. Like a be-wigged Victorian gentleman with a hand mirror in one hand and a power puff in the other. Not sure the lasses down Nandos go for that look.

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