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Ask Tony Stark for a payday loan

I was a bit disappointed with the way Hawkeye was portrayed in The Avengers movie. In the comics, he’s all purple and blue with leggings and a ridiculous pointy eyebrow mask. In the movie he’s just a SWAT guy, who likes archery. Really, he should have been wearing this.


Sure, it’s not out-there purple lycra. But if they’d wanted to keep the character looking a bit normal, but with a hint of the Robin Hoods, this Nigel Cabourn Smock would have done the job. I mean, if someone in Robin Hood times had invented zips, I’m guessing Loxley would have been busting this. Instead of a tramp sack fastened with buttons made of antlers.

03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_4 03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_6 03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_7 03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_5 03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_2

Thing is, this coats is made from Ventile, a crazy-dense cotton weave that keeps the rain out. So it’s perfect for Hawkeye, when he’s trying to concentrate on shooting an alien, but, you know, it’s drizzling and he’s worried about getting his cardigan wet.

03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_9 03-02-2015_nigelcabourn_shorttapedsmock_beige_10

It’s also packing taped seams for extra liquid repellence, that chunky half length Riri zip and an adjustable hood, hem and cuffs. Some strong features no doubt. Of course, being Cabourn a brother is gonna have to pay for this expertise. It comes in at a quiver hemorrhaging £649. I’ll have to ask Tony Stark for a payday loan.


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