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A gift to bumbrained mates

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say, “When I eat out, I never order dishes I can make at home“. I haven’t a clue where they’re eating? I can’t find any restaurants that serve Crispy Pancakes and Arctic Roll.

But even if they were thinking about something more elitist, spaghetti carbonara say, I don’t get it. No one’s home spaghetti carbonara tastes the same as a restaurant one. Without wishing to baffle you with culinary jargon, restaurant stuff tastes all restauranty. You can’t get the same thing at home. Which leads me effortlessly to this coat…


It looks a bit like your old coat has fallen off its hanger and has been sitting in a ball on the floor of your wardrobe for three months. It looks a bit like that. But it isn’t that. That’s the last thing it is.


It’s a Creased Mac by YMC and it’s a gift to the kind of bumbrained mates who would make jokes about, “it needing an iron.”


It’s got a great, mini self-check pattern, concealed buttons and yeah, it’s all creasy. Grab it over at Goodhood for a reasonable 197 coins. If I owned this, I’d be wearing it right now. I’m off to my local cafe to see if they serve Chicken Dippers.

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