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Putting the fun in refund

I’m always suspicious when a pair of trousers is advertised as having a ‘cropped length’. I mean, what length is cropped? After all, cropped for some might be clownish for others. I’d rather just have them longer and if I want to give the hem… Read More

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A moment

So, are Paraboots having a moment? To answer this, firstly we must put to one side the reprehensible use of the phrase, ‘a moment’. Secondly we can examine some recent evidence. There was this interesting pair we looked at in December. Then there are these… Read More

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Just another drone

Interesting to see eastern influences permeating the robustly London centric brand YMC. Looking like something you’d expect from Blue Blue Japan, Tigre Brocante or orSlow, these ‘Hand Me down’ trousers have got the Boro influence, if not stitched, then certainly printed, all over them. I… Read More

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Globally warmed anus

What you’re looking at here is called the Multi Purpose shirt. And judging by those pockets, it would appear its ‘purpose’ is to transport an entire Crayola colouring set. For me, the sheer number of pockets, married with their seemingly abstract layout, strikes a transparently… Read More

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That mariachi Stone Roses look

Look out, trends incoming. I reckon velvet/velveteen bomber jackets will be strong for winter. By strong I mean, at the sweatshopped, everything costs £24.99, high-street strata. I’m currently undecided on the potential market penetration of trousers with military/sportswear stripes down the side – but they… Read More