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A moment

So, are Paraboots having a moment? To answer this, firstly we must put to one side the reprehensible use of the phrase, ‘a moment’. Secondly we can examine some recent evidence. There was this interesting pair we looked at in December. Then there are these hairy ones remember? Exclusive to Goodhood, I ended up buying these. Then I wore them around Peckham and a bloke in a pub asked if they were Paraboots and I told him they were and he was wearing a pair of Paraboots too. The scientists amongst you will already find this extremely compelling. But add to this wealth of research a new pair of Paraboots from YMC, and it’s case closed. Time to get back to the Hadron Collider.

“Tonal panels”, that’s the vibe here. They’re thematically quite similar to the Nepenthes x Trickers I copped the other day. And let’s face it, using different shades of leather on a single pair of shoes is hardly new (if you ever make it down to Trickers on Jermyn Street, ask if they’ll show you some of the bespoke stuff they’re working on, there’s always some right statement savagery.) But, new or not, these YMC x Paraboots totally win.

They’ve got something to say, but forego a loudhailer for a fax. They’re subtle is what I’m saying. Sure, certain gents might find even what’s there a little too rich to stomach, but seriously, if you’re frighted by complimentary tan panels you should probably knob off to House of Frazer. These shoes offer symmetry between the interesting and the wearable. Plus they’re Paraboots, so you know they’ll be beautifully made.

It’s a shame French Connection owns YMC. And if I’m honest, I think the brand does a better job with womenswear than the mens, which I find a little basic. Still, these are great shoes. Creating focus on the split toe with two different hides is a masterstroke. If I hadn’t just spent the garden pod savings account in Nepenthes last week, I’d be wearing these now.

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