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Enough to cause anyone to shit their bath

Zig-zagged, pointy, angular; this White Mountaineering parka is splintered and shardy and impossible to ignore. It’s like rheumatoid arthritis made of polygons.

As is sadly typical, retailer Present doesn’t have any details on the piece. Just pictures and a title. And of course a price. Come on Present, if you want people to drop £1119 on a coat, maybe tell them something about it. 

It’s called a “Saitos 3L Raglan Parka” and my understanding is that Saitos 3L is a high-performance technical polyester fabric. It’s waterproof, breathable, windproof and water repellent; built for the outdoors basically. But with the kind of stylings and prestige most suited to the kind of urban ‘outdoors’ populated with dudes blasting TS and Blackz out their phones, while sneering at each other’s kicks.

Apparently the White Mountaineering SS19 collection is inspired by the 1990’s “music scene” (whatever that is) and outdoor clothing from the era. Which is remarkable as only about 80% of streetwear brands are saying the same thing right now. I guess I could see A Tribe Called Quest rocking this. Or perhaps Ghostface Killah in his Ironman period.

Anyway, there’s a large zipper pocket and breast pocket on the front, it has raglan sleeves for easy movement (very 90s) and the inside features taped seams. No doubt there are more details around this thing, but I’ve had to pilfer what I have from various Japanese sites and frankly I’m Google Translated out.

It’s bold. It’s a big piece. Enough to cause anyone to shit their bath. But for what it’s worth, perhaps not my style. I wouldn’t really know what to wear with this. I feel like my usual all-navy-all-day solution wouldn’t work. I’d probably just toss in a pair of white cowboy boots, a cigarette holder and a silver-topped cane made out of an antler. Oh and maybe a single boxing glove, to appear inscrutably avant garde.

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  1. Iain Sinclair

    Totally agree with you on the information, no sizing or anything. This makes buying online a bit of a gamble and returning said miss-fitting item a pain in the arse!

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