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YMC: Right under your nose

Far from the bewilderment of eastern retail I spotted this jacket. Affordable and straightforward, but with a ruggedly appealing design sensibility. I occasionally check in over at the YMC brand site. Much of the product I find rather anonymous, lacking in the kind of fabric choices and baffling details the Japanese often use to elevate the familiar. But each season there’s usually one or two braver pieces.

My last buy was a pair of drop-crotch checked trousers that make me look like Alison Moyet. It’s a good look. Sometimes you can spend so long looking farther afield, that you miss what’s right under your nose.

With a waxy cotton finish, an oversized fit (crucial) a chunky Talon zipper and a pair of humungous pockets it’s as good looking as is it practical. Being picky, I’m not in love with the pocket buttons, a bit high-street perhaps? But then YMC are owned by the deeply primitive French Connection. A painful truth.

Clearly there’s a cardigan fighting its way out of this jacket. That low fastening will expose a gulf of blokey décolletage. What you do with it is up to you. The dude in the shots is keeping it simple with a tee, although a shirt would work, probably even a roll-neck. I’d almost certainly fill the gap with some kind of neck adornment. You know, something of hemp and beads — I’m authentic like that.

I should say that this is in the sale. It was £295, now it’s £177, you never know, it might drop more. As a supporting jacket it’s a good choice. The kind of piece you only deploy when a jacket that’s really a cardigan is called for, and when you know you’ll be drunk enough to forget YMC are owned by French Connection. I find five pints of Amstel and a couple of large vodkas usually does the job.

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