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AiE: Huffing and whining like a giant cry-baby

The Coverchord sale started yesterday and within moments the navy Suvsole sneakers I’d been stalking for weeks sold out in my size. And not to me.

When a window of retail opportunity slams shut and you’re not around to hear it, does it make a sound? I’m not a philosopher, but I made a sound. A drawn-out whine. Then a loud moan. Beasts in the wild come running when their mates are in distress. Yet I could still hear my girl typing in the next room.

Finally, I exhaled with such force I could have unblocked a trombone.

“WHATTTTT?”, she shouted.

“Nothing”, I said.

So pitiful am I that I sat there for a while, still staring at the sneakers, refreshing the page in the hope of some mistake. Finally I gave up and resorted to scouring the rest of the Coverchord sale for something, anything, to buy. This menswear thing moved beyond obsession a long time ago, it’s rapidly approaching lunacy. Eventually I chanced upon these tunics from AiE. I dislike the word tunic. I mean, who says, “hold on, let me grab my tunic.” But naming convention notwithstanding, there’s a lot to like here.

I’m a sucker for mixed-up stripy shirting fabrics — a staple of Comme des Garçons shirts. And this collision between 1970’s style coffee stripe and a more contemporary pale blue wins hard. I like the extra dash of blue on the sleeve-rolling tab too.

It’s available in a number of other colour-ways, many of which have a decent size range still available.

I’m not sure who might be in the market for the starry one. It’s got a smidgin too much pizzaz if you ask me. But then I’ve just used the word smidgin, so who am I to judge.

Down in the sale to around £120, these tunics (cough) represent a pretty decent buy. It’s remarkable to me that even with all the time I spend knocking around menswear sites, I don’t think I’ve seen these before. Certainly I haven’t seen these styles in UK retailers, so at least your coins will be going towards something uncommon.


I have to say, I wouldn’t go bare-chested underneath like the dude in the pics. For me, it’s a bit provocative. A little too sexy. And as we’ve established, I’m not a sexy man. Rather a giant cry-baby who huffs and whines to get his girl’s attention when a pair of trainers are sold out.

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