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A detour from the expected

Nepenthes sub-brand AiE seem to have taken their time getting any new season product out. But it’s clear from the new range that they haven’t been standing still. Those expecting more block-pattered cotton windcheaters might be surprised by the drawstring smock shirts, dressing gown jackets… Read More

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Freaky mammalian mosh-pit

AiE, Nepenthes most recent imprint, is still chugging along with no UK, or to my knowledge western stockists. Looking at this I’m not entirely surprised. It’s enough to make even the most effete Soho fash-hag totter away in terror. Charged with the kind of feral… Read More

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Socialise with Nepenthes Hakata

Not following Nepenthes Hakata on either Facebook or Instagram? Rectify that situation soldier. The Nepenthes digital store is great and all, but the social feeds of the specific shops are where the action is. Hakata in particular posts wearable lunacy on the reg – all… Read More

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Not ready for these levels

Here’s one for the heads. Silently and with zero fanfare a new brand has appeared under the Nepenthes umbrella. Called AiE, these are the first product shots. Hardly a full range at this point; we can see some colour clash shirting and some tartan tunics.… Read More