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Socialise with Nepenthes Hakata

Not following Nepenthes Hakata on either Facebook or Instagram? Rectify that situation soldier. The Nepenthes digital store is great and all, but the social feeds of the specific shops are where the action is. Hakata in particular posts wearable lunacy on the reg – all of it seemingly unavailable anywhere except the bricks and mortar itself.

This presents a quandary. On one hand it’s enormously inspirational and frankly entertaining to drink in the quackery. On the other, should a brother want to actually buy something, it’s tough.

This collection of challenging pieces represent the most recent drops at Hakata – a mix of AiE, Needles, South2 West8 and EG. Not for everyone, granted. But one or two of these in your armoury would certainly get you clocked down at ‘Spoons.



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