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Does this mean something?

Appearing mildly irradiated, this dip-dyed shirt from Sacai apparently offers a “three-dimensional gradient effect.” Basically, everything up to the collar has been immersed in indigo, so it looks like you’ve got a spotlight on your face. As is usual with such conceptual pieces, I’m unsure if I entirely grasp the (presumed) bookish rational behind it. Does this mean something, or does it just look weird?

My reading presumes the whole spotlighted face thing is a comment on Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame seen through a post-social media lens. A perpetual X Factor floodlight illuminating your entitled but mediocre visage. And remember, this is art. So by wearing this you’re not saying you’re complicit, you’re saying you’re being ironic, knowing, smarter. While conveniently ignoring the hypocrisy of wearing an extremely noticeable shirt. Fashion is really smart like that.

Maybe there are no levels to this? Maybe it’s just a dip-dyed shirt? Perhaps there is no message woven in? Doesn’t matter much, it’s a pretty foul shirt either way.

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