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Pretender to the throne

This is some Stannis Baratheian shit right here. Proper regal leisurewear, designed for kicking back in a damp castle, while gnawing on a pig’s leg and watching a few disloyal peons get executed to death. I dare say Stannis would have no trouble finding the 236 Gold Dragons needed to cop this magnificent Undercover madness. For the rest of us, a credit agreement with the Iron Bank might be required. 

Fundamentally, this is a lovely quality navy tee with a whacking medieval style trim. Yes, people will say you’re wearing curtains, no I don’t care. While I wouldn’t necessarily team this with a bold striped trouser as pictured, I do think within a foundation of simple navy pieces, the velvet, komon patterned fabric and gold piping would bang hard. You’d look luxuriant. You’d look lavish. You’d look like a fictional pretender to the throne, just in an All Bar One, eating a fish finger wrap.

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