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As snug as a snug in a pub

This whiskery beard of a blazer is a stand-out from the current Engineered Garments collection over at The Bureau. Seemingly woven from the pelts of the Hair Bear Bunch, it’s as fuzzy as a pub carpet, as comfy as a pub armchair and as snug as… the snug in a pub. Basically it’s a wearable pub; in every respect other than most of them.

It’s made of navy boucle wool don’t cha know. Three pockets. Buttoned cuffs and four buttons up the front. You can fasten it up to the neck, which will make you look like a Guardian of the Galaxy.

Fabric statisticians will enjoy the make-up of this one – 63% Acrylic, 19% Mohair, 10% Wool, 8% Polyester. Detail that, for non-fabric statisticians, basically means 100% furry as balls.

Not sure how this would look after repeated wear? Would it get pizza bits stuck in it like a mangy beard? Would it start to resemble the clotted hair around a dog’s anus? But blue? Guess it’s down to the exactitude of the wearer.

Think I’d probably try and tame this shaggy madness with a plain cotton gilet over the top (in true EG style). So you’d still see the arms and what not, it’d just keep the hairy torso on lock down. Think I could make that work. I’m not ready to go full Sasquatch.



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