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Auralee: power relaxation with power price tags

If you’re looking for the perfect lockdown look, check this bro. He’s been at that hair with clippers. He’s gone full pyjama suit — keeping comfort and Zoom respectability on lock. And he’s keeping the virus at bay with a stare that says, ‘baby, I’m doing 100 squats each morning and ODing on vitamin D, let’s dance.’

The whole One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest vibe is courtesy of Japanese makers Auralee. You’ve got a pale green wrinkly jacket made from hard dyed nylon fabric and matching trousers. It’s power relaxation with power price tags to match.

There’s nothing particularly ornate or complex about this get up. A few patch pockets, a straight hem, a chore style high fastening: it’s all pretty straightforward. I guess the story’s in the fabric — crumpled and creasy, like you’ve finally rolled off the sofa after eight episodes of Normal People.

As an aside, have you ever been able wash any pre-crinkled garment and get it looking like it did originally? I haven’t, home wrinkles never look the same as shop bought. I have a cupboard of messy looking Comme shirts that backs this up.

When the weather solidifies into sun, it’ll be fine piece for a socially distanced walk in the park. Although that fabric looks a bit diaphanous — I wouldn’t wear a dark under-pant with those trousers.
It’s unlikely pale green is most guys go-to. And at £460 for the jacket and £350 for the trousers, that’s 810 reasons not to buy this. But at the very least we can admire its brain damaged beauty.

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