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Document: a decent enough metaphor for the times

So, how you getting on? I must say I’m struggling to keep up. Apparently at the weekend, parks were both full and empty, depending on your chosen media outlet. Testing goals are now not about how many people you test, but how many people you could test if people could actually get to the test. Boris Johnson calls it an, “invisible mugger”, but if you remember, it’s a mugger he was happy to keep shaking hands with as the world entered lockdown. Is he tough on crime or not? It’s conundrums such as these I ponder, sitting here, sipping my Peroni with a Domestos top.

Chaotic times call for something simple, and this here baggy tee might do the trick. But look closer. Can you see? Even this isn’t as straightforward as it might appear?

The labels are on the outside. I know. Have you ever even?  It’s up there with Trump stockpiling 29 million useless pills.

You can grab these Document tees over at Stable Store (via your trusted proxy) and they’re available in the tones pictured — vanilla, white and apricot — as well as red and navy. The cut is the main deal here: boxy, over-sized sleeves, decent looking neck. But I guess, if I’m honest, I’m also drawn to the exterior label. Document’s profile in the UK is next to zero, so there’s no harm in a bit of obscuro badge flash.

You can probably expect a few people suggesting you’ve got your t-shirt on inside out. But as far as I’m concerned, this topsy turvy piece is a decent enough metaphor for the times.


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