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Look, I found a shell

Facebook is officially a graveyard of the banal. Look, I’m drinking an alcoholic beverage on a weekday. I’m ‘checking in’ at a members bar (that was trendy in 2005.) I’ve just been running. I’ve been in the sea and I found a shell. I’m flying… Read More

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I prefer an Uber

NYC bicycle-likers Chari & Co opened in 2008. They offer all manner of clothing and accessories centred around the humble velocipede; from socks and caps, to jackets, tees and those weird fingerless gloves worn by Tour de France participants and stranglers. However, you don’t need… Read More

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I think I read somewhere…

The line between dopeness and looking like a perfect cock is fine indeed. Take this overshirt. It’s by Japanese brand Undercover – a label that suggests membership to the deepest recesses of conspiratorial cool. Can’t afford it? Hard cheese. Don’t understand it? Go back to… Read More

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A child’s worst nightmare

Sweet Christmas. The lovable maniacs over at Japanese brand Son Of The Cheese don’t dick about. When they set their minds to creating a shirt to set the human soul on fire they see it through. It’s the third in a trilogy of posts about… Read More