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Byborre: Perfecting your bodywave

According to legendary London clothing retailer Browns, this is an ‘ergonomic sweater’. Meaning that (with a nod to the Oxford Dictionary) ‘it’s designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’. Now. I appreciate the need for a ‘sales narrative’ as much as the next… Read More

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Byborre: a bicycle-pump for your ego

There’s something exquisitely awkward about self-proclaimed titles. So cringeworthy, like taking a bicycle-pump to your ego. Woo-hoo, over here, check out the status on me. Scott Disick (notable for impregnating Kourtney Kardashian) bought an English title on the internet. He now prefers to go by… Read More

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Tilak: ready for adventure

Context in menswear is so important. Take a look at the website of Czech brand Tilak. It’s full of people doing stuff that isn’t watching boxset TV. They’re all wearing primary coloured leggings and body-hugging cagoules, they’re jumping up and down and walking up stuff,… Read More