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Perks & Mini AW21 at Goodhood

I can’t even. I literally cannot even. Perks & Mini are on fire right now.

The brand’s latest drop over at Goodhood has rendered my entire wardrobe a joke and placed me in a deep suck about the fact that I do not have a grand put aside for brightly coloured streetwear. I cannot understand how I’ve managed to live this long, yet still not reached the point where I can buy a pair of garish £350 knits without fretting about money.

What the actual fuck have I been doing with my life?

Very early on I determined never to have kids. By staying responsibility free, I reasoned, I’d always have plenty of money to buy cool clothes. (I’m not even joking.) Yet (despite successfully sidestepping the ‘unappreciative yapping mouths trap’) I’m still not in a financial position to impulsively buy a bright orange mohair sweater covered in crude flowers. I’m some kind of appalling failure.

I know, I know… A sweater like this one is daft. It’s so memorable you could only rarely wear it without becoming ‘Mr Flowery sweater’. It’s so ‘of the moment’ you’d probably get bored of it quickly. And it’s so (depending on your point of view) age-inappropriate for a dude who remembers Blakes 7.  But I don’t care. I’m like a moth to a 375 quid flame. It’s so ridiculous, so wrong, that already I can’t imagine a life without it.

But this is only scratching the surface of Perks & Mini AW21. Just look at these cords.

Admittedly we’re on safer ground here, but nevertheless, the pocket detail is immense. No, I don’t know why pockets need a step in them like that? Yes, I now agree it’s the only way pockets should be. There’s no way around this. I can’t not have these trousers.

And what about this sweater?

Take the abstract embroidery away and it’s just a kind of meh knit. But add it back in and you’ve got a freak-show hybrid: part thrift-store find, part ‘what the fuck’s going on?’ I don’t really care about the motivations, or the ethos, for me it’s about messing things up with confidence. Sometimes it’s enough just to look cool.

As far as I’m concerned it’s all happening over at Goodhood right now. They’ve got some great looking NOMA t.d pieces (the tie-dye sweats are savage) new standards from Nanamica and Beams, some great new socks from Anonymous-ism and an edit from the best Nicholas Daley collection in years.

If I sound a bit over-hyped, it’s because I am. And yet, typically, it appears my bank balance doesn’t feel the same way.

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