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The art is you

Haven’t we all, at some point, hung around outside a London art gallery, wearing an assortment of imported menswear, attempting to convince passing patrons that the most exciting art isn’t in the gallery, but rather it’s you, it’s what you’re wearing? If I’m not eating,… Read More

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Basquiat off his box on Ya Ba

If it’s not The Bureau it’s Alpha Shadows. If it’s not Haven it’s Present. Over the last week or so there’ve been frantic, sizeable drops from big-hitters Kapital, Needles, Monitaly and more. Just when you think you’ve got your wearable ordnance on lock, here comes… Read More

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A game of Blind Man’s Ebay Basket

Needles mohair mix cardigans are feeling more relevant than ever. A long standing staple for the brand, they really find their place in the current menswear toy box of pattern clashing, mix-and-don’t-match. Worn simply, they’re cuddly, playful, and to the right eyes indicate you’re a… Read More