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Fucking stupid geography

So we’ve got a Nepenthes in London. Which is great. What’s less great is that they don’t seem to stock the pieces I really want. Don’t get me wrong, I want most of the shop. But the pieces I really, really want, the game-changers; well,… Read More

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Nepenthes London

“Thank you so much for waiting so long”, said the store manager. “This is a game changer”, a fellow shopper whispered to me. “Sure you can take photos”, the sales assistant said, “I don’t see why that would be a problem.” I arrived an hour… Read More

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The art is you

Haven’t we all, at some point, hung around outside a London art gallery, wearing an assortment of imported menswear, attempting to convince passing patrons that the most exciting art isn’t in the gallery, but rather it’s you, it’s what you’re wearing? If I’m not eating,… Read More