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My keys are effectively nude

Yeah man, “fuck key“. Fuck all the keys. In fact, hang on, that’s a point. Why ‘key’ singular? This key ring can carry a number of keys? Then again, I’ve always thought the same about Football – it should be ‘Feetball’ surely? Whatever. This is a Kapital key ring from their Kountry range; it holds a number of keys, it looks like a jacket and it’s got a swear word on it – what more do you want?


I did, until recently, have a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece key ring (now discontinued), coincidentally also shaped like a jacket. Sadly the clip broke, now my keys are effectively nude.


This is available over at Union Made in San Francisco – I’m visiting in a few days, so I might pick this up. It’s obviously made from denim and it features three interior key rings, brass hardware and mismatching buttons on the front. Personally, I like the idea of representing an interest in clothes through accessories. Plus, I’m a big fan of nonsensical statements. As regular readers will no doubt attest.

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  1. Mr Brown

    If you don’t like that you’re either my mum or massively in the wrong.

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