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The exact price of sleeves

Were this shirt to have sleeves, they would cost £40. I know this because, back in November, 2015, I scribbled some bilge about this Snow Peak shirt’s long-sleeved brethren. It cost 260 quid, while this new elbow baring version costs a mere 220. So it was through the simple application of my astrophysicist-level maths that I came to my 40 quid conclusion. Apologies if I’ve lost you with all that numerology, I realise it’s not for everyone. Suffice to say, even with truncated sleevery, this is a fucking banger.


Again, it’s about the pockets on the back for me. Utterly impractical, but they look preposterously important. I mean, the whole lower part of the shirt, front and back, is basically a huge pouch. If you haven’t yet tried a top featuring some kind of kangaroo style pocketing, I strongly advise going for it – the front part at least is perfect for a gentleman’s snuff box, Chinese love eggs and flick comb.


Really, there’s almost too much party here. It’s a pop-over, albeit with the deepest possible opening and check those breast pockets and little stitched eyelets… It’s all going off.  Triple-stitching or no, 220 is still a fiscal humiliation. One for the deep pocketed-players. Or the fingers-crossed, sale-vulture crowd.

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