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Let the mandatory gaiety begin

Looking for a Christmas top? I’m not talking about a shimmery party shirt or some mortifying ‘comedy’ reindeer sweater. I mean a proper Christmas top. Something to lounge in, in different lounges. A sofa-hopping festive warmer; offering comfort from the mandatory gaiety, drooling infants and… Read More

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The exact price of sleeves

Were this shirt to have sleeves, they would cost £40. I know this because, back in November, 2015, I scribbled some bilge about this Snow Peak shirt’s long-sleeved brethren. It cost 260 quid, while this new elbow baring version costs a mere 220. So it… Read More

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Run for the hills 

Japanese brand Snow Peak make climbing and outdoorsy stuff. They even make those tin cups proper beardy camping bros use. Consequently, I’m assuming all the pockets on this denim pullover have a defined use. You know, to store your belay device, wallnuts, power crunch chalk… Read More