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Snow Peak: Perfect for boosting the spirits of the flagging lockdownee

So to drizzly days. The sun’s siren call has faded and for now, our parks and walkways are free of the giddy and incautious. Time to button up. Time to bolt down. It’s back to beans on toast, jigsaws and chill-beating button-ups.

Snow Peak are great at outdoor wear for indoors. They know life can’t always be lived around modernist field ovens and bamboo picnic tables. So here we have a shirt designed for wherever and whenever — lightweight, oversized and with a quick-dry capacity that’s as suited to spilt Chardonnay as it is a downpour.

They call it a tunic over at Norse Store. Expect long-line stylings — ideal for a cult leader devoted to the worship of contemporary style. There’s no collar here and those snap buttons add to the tomorrow-peering feel. We’re talking refined, unfussy modernism. There’s no smiling in a piece like this. Just lean artfully against a wall, framed by a wilting vase of peonies, sneering into a well thumbed copy of Gravity’s Rainbow.

You can get the rest of the features over at Norse — poly-knit, adjustable cuffs etc… I just fancy a piece like this right now. It looks protective, sort of coddling. An all-in-one protective device, designed with something else in mind, but accidentally perfect for boosting the spirits of the flagging lockdownee. If I had this right now, I’d be wearing it as I type. But as I don’t, I think I’ll hang about to around the 9th of July. Norse Store went on sale that day last year. Sure it’s just more consumerism, but you’ve got to have something to look forward to. A man can’t live by Zoom quizzes alone.

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