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Itten: A great beer garden shrug-on, some day

The human heart can be lifted by the most curious things. The recommissioning of a beloved TV show. The scent of a freshly vandalised easter egg. Your mum’s face when you play her a minute of left-field techno. A loose-associate’s misfortune.

This jacket raises my spirits. The world is a tempest of disease and racial protest. The head of the most powerful country on the planet is the stupidest being ever to be categorised as a ‘human man’. And yet, today, through the smears on my screen, I saw this jacket and felt happiness. It’s by the brand Itten. Just a pleasing thing of cotton and buttons.

It’s a warm weather piece; unlined, collarless, more of a shirt than a jacket really. Loosely cut and with a couple of hip pockets; some day this will be a great beer garden shrug-on.

There are three colour variations, listed as: blue stripe; red and green stripe and blue and red stripe. And honestly, there are so many pictures over on retailer Digital Mountain it’s a bit difficult to make out which is meant to be which. I hope it’s reasonably clear from the pictures here.

It’s unisexual, and my girl has already had eyes-on. If I were to take the plunge on one of these, I can imagine it vanishing into the void of her wardrobe pretty swiftly.

Obviously there’s a serious pyjama-vibe going on. And it’s one that’s magnified when you consider that matching trousers are available. How do you fancy going full pyjama? Like a sexually repressed 1950s businessman — buttoned-up, up-tight, hands off, don’t touch.

The ideal uniform for the committed social distancer perhaps.

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