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Reproduction of Found: Reassuringly old-timey

Straight reproductions of vintage kit have never been my thing. They remind me of ageing ravers — committed to the idea that electronic music ceased being good after they stopped dancing. Of course, veneration of the past can be rewarding. Just as long as it leaves room to appreciate the possibilities of the future, or even just the now.

Usually these kicks from Reproduction of Found wouldn’t do it for me. But these are unusual times.

Perhaps there’s something vaguely reassuring about the past right now. It’s the only reason I can think of why this relatively straightforward slip-on appeals so much. I guess the short Chelsea boot style marks it out as treading a different path to your dime-a-dozen Vans Classics. And I do appreciate the black elastic trim. It presents a nice contrast against the beige.

The big rubbery sole is noteworthy too. They don’t quite offer the prestige of a Japanese Kurume made unit. But nevertheless, these Romanian vulcanised soles do boast extremely high natural rubber content.

This model is available to buy over at Superdenim (didn’t they shut up shop back in December?) and you’ll also find a wide range from Reproduction of Found at Sunnysiders.

As I say, I’ve never been a big fan. A bit too BBC costume drama for me. But this particular pair just sneaks in under the bar — teamed with one or two more progressive pieces, I expect they’d look just interesting enough.

Perhaps I’m just reaching to the past to offer a sense of stability during these uncertain days. I’m already going down some dark tunnels on Amazon Prime Video. Did you know you can watch Adventures of a Plumbers Mate on there? The end of days approaches.

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