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Everything feels numb

My enthusiasm for Inverallan knitwear is well documented on this site. After writing this post, my girl surprised me with my first Inverallan; a simple navy crew neck; robust, knotty and perfect. Coincidently I’m wearing it as I write. It’s warm. And looks luxe. Wearing… Read More

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Sagging like a grumpy duvet

This Sage De Cret liner jacket has been tucked away over at Superdenim for a few weeks now. And it seems like they’ve still got all the sizes. Evidently no mad-stacks-packing lunatic has come across this yet. Where do you find one medium, one large… Read More

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The essential non-essentials

In an average life there are number of ‘big ticket’ items you simply can’t avoid. A home and a car usually top the list. But of course there are other equally wallet damaging necessities; engagement rings, holidays abroad, a big TV, a white leather body-warmer.